Trophy Bass Haven LLC
379 Louie Harmson 
Center Point LA 71323
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Rules & Regulations

I. Scheduling

Purpose- to insure the rights of each member are protected and that each member has the opportunity to maximize the use of this facility in an un-crowded, peaceful atmosphere. Rates and rules are subject to change at any time without notice.

Managements Role- to organize, coordinate and arbitrate the scheduling of this facility. Reservations- Each member must call our office to "book" each activity at Trophy Bass Haven LLC

Information to be given:


Date of cabin check in/out:

Number of Guests:

II. Bookings: 

                       Members may book Trophy Bass Haven on a first come, first serve basis. All members are to accompany their guests. 

                       Children will need to be under supervision for safety and to prevent the disturbances of other members at the facility.

                       Overnight guest staying in the cabins must adhere to a departure time no later than 10:00 am & arrival time no earlier than 1:00 pm 

                              Day fishermen will coordinate arrival and departures with the office as the schedule permits.


III. Guide Lines of facility usage

Purpose- to establish a set of common rules which will guide management as to the type of facility we operate. 

       The cabins are furnished with towels, linens, and kitchenware; however, each member must wash dishes, and straighten up the cabin prior to departure (please do not make beds used). If there are any damages or items taken from Cabins the member who scheduled the rental on that date will be charged  to replace item/cost to repair damages.  


When you stay in a cabin you only get to use (1) boat.  


       Members should respect the privacy of others and the facility both inside the cabin and outside. 

        Day time guest(s) are urged to use outside bathroom and not the bathroom in the cabin.

        Rules on trash are simple, dispose of it properly in the trash cans located on the property.

          Firearms are not allowed on the premises.

     No drones are allowed on premises (respect privacy of guest).

        Levees are open to foot traffic only. Please help take care of them. 


       Boats and trolling motors are provided for use. 

(If any problems occur with the boats please notify staff or call 337-288-6539 or 337-781-6312

         No smoking inside Cabins

No Swimming in Lake


Rates and rules can change at any time without notice

Corporation Key/Applicant Change Option

Rules are the same for all memberships with the exceptions of the following:

All corporate members are allowed specific designated users. These designated users can be changed with written two week notice and board approval. 

III. House Rules for Boats & Fishing 

Call to schedule boats

            For Non-members -
  All Bass are catch and release only 

Non-members & members are allowed to keep (15) Bream and Sac a lait/White perch per day per cabin.

Non-members & members- (5) Catfish per cabin per fishing trip

     Ice Chest checks will be checked on routine basis.

     No more than two treble hooks are allowed on one lure.

     Try to keep fish in the water when removing hooks.

    It is requested that a 3/0 worm hook be used with the exception of fly fishing. 

    Cabin deck fishing exclusive to Renter and considered Private

If a fish swallows a hook, cut the line and leave it in the fish.

Artificial lures only for bass fishing (do not use live bait)

You are allowed to use crickets and worms for bream fishing

 No shiners are allowed due the possibility of unsterile carp in the group of bait shiners.

     Please report all fish losses or unusual conditions as they occur.

Fisherman who wish to night fish may do so only on the deck in front of  the cabins where flood lights can provide adequate lighting for proper fish handling techniques. No fishing in boats after dark.

      There is a limit of three persons per fishing boat.

       Boats should be replaced in the appropriated stalls after fishing and correctly plugged back up so that the batteries may be kept charged. All debris should be removed from boats and disposed of properly.

IV. Loss or Damage 

                            Trophy Bass Haven LLC will not be responsible for accidents, injuries or losses for any cause including property damages due caused by wind, snow, ice, hail, rain or vegetation. Members or guest will use all facilities at their own risk.

V. ATV Regulations



Fires are to be put out for safety of the land.

All trash is to be properly disposed of in designated areas.

   *All rules and regulations are established to enhance your stay at the facility, so that you may enjoy every second you are with us. Rules & rates are subject to change without notice. Any abuse or failure to follow Trophy Bass Haven LLC guide lines will be frowned upon and could result in loss of membership or if you purchased a fishing trip you will be asked to leave and not refunded any money. Fish removal violations will not be tolerated.

Swimming Pool Rules

Pool Hours 7 am to 10 pm daily

Warning! No lifeguard on duty

No pets in pool or pool area

No food or drinks in pool

No glass or breakable containers allowed in pool area

No Running, jumping, pushing or horse playing in pool area

No swimming when  raining, lightning, thundering, hail storm or snow 

Children under 18 years old must be accompanied by an adult

Trophy Bass Haven is a family facility no skimpy swimsuits

Use pool at our own risk. Trophy Bass Haven, owners, management are not responsible for accidents or injuries. Management can deny use of pool to anyone at any time. 
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